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How to Claim PPI in Scotland

PPI Claim Scotland (PPICS) reclaims payment protection insurance (ppi) for clients throughout Scotland.

Making a Claim with PPI Claim Scotland

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a phrase that virtually everyone in the Scotland is aware of:

  • Some people have been affected by it, made their PPI compensation claim and are now enjoying an unexpected but much-needed windfall!
  • Some people have been affected by it, but have done nothing about it... yet
  • Some people have been affected by it but do not know how go about making a claim

If you are in the last two categories, then PPI Claim Scotland can help you. This is how the process of making a PPI compensation claim with the help of a professional claims management company such as PPI Claim Scotland works (other companies have slightly different procedures):

Step 1: Phone or email to make an initial enquiry

This is the right way to start especially for those people who are unsure they have a PPI compensation claim in the first place. You will be asked some simple questions and given an initial response of how PPI Claim Scotland could take your claim forward on your behalf.

Step 2: Form filling

It is essential that we have as much information as possible, although we understand not everyone likes filling in forms, answering questions etc. but once we are satisfied you have PPI on the accounts you intend making a claim on, we will begin to gather the necessary data to make your initial PPI compensation claim.

Step 3: Letter of Complaint

From the information we have gathered from you, will will write the letter of complaint on your behalf. In this letter, we will set out clearly why you are entitled to PPI compensation inclduing reasons such as not being covered under the terms and conditions of the policy, the way it was sold to you etc. We write a separate letter for each accoutn on whcih you are making a claim - and we mail it for you!

Step 4: Communication

Whilst we wait for a decision from your banks or lenders, it is important that we - PPI Claim Scotland and yourself stay in touch. We need to know if your bank or lender contacts you with an 'offer' and you need to know if they contact us in return with an offer or the need for additional information. This can be done via telephone, email or text.

Step 5 Success!

Once you have received a favourable repsonse to your PPI compensation claim, we will then invoice you for our services. Our fees currently are 35% of your settlement amount - no matter if you have one PPI claim or 4! It is the same flat rate

How ro Reclaim PPI in Scotland

Simply contact PPI Claim Scotland today and we can talk you through how to reclaim PPI.

In just a few minutes one of our specialist advisors will be able to assess your claim.

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Million of British citizens have been mis-sold payment protetion insurance (ppi) on loans and credit cards and are eligible to make a claim. If you think you're one of them, contact PPI Claim Scotland today.
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