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PPI Claim Scotland claims wrongly sold payment protection insurance (ppi) for clients throughout the whole of Scotland including the areas below:

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The payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal shows no clear sign of slowing or abating any time soon. In fact, banks are adding more money to the compensation pot they have set aside to compensate customers and the Financial Services Ombudsman (FSO) have taken on extra staff to help them work through the huge influx of PPI complaints they are receiving.

At the time of writing, the FSO is suggesting that PPI complaints submitted to it for independent adjudication are taking approximately 12 months for it to resolve. Customers who can prove they are in extremely difficult financial situation can make a request that their PPI compensation issue resolved quicker.

The figures involved in the PPI scandal are staggering. Here is just a flavour:

  • In 2011, a total of 19 financial firms paid out £1.9billion in PPI compensation
  • HSBC has set aside £340m in an effort to fund the PPI compensation claims it expects to receive
  • The big five combined – HSBC, RBS, Barclays, Lloyds banking Group and Santander – have set aside approximately £8.8billion in total between them to refund PPI money to their customers

Delays and stagnation

However, the PPI compensation journey for customers has not been an easy one. The banks attempted to delay the inevitable by challenging the result of the judicial review into the PPI mis-selling debacle that ruled the Banks were at fault – and needed to compensate their customers. This delayed the whole process by a few months but the banks were told they were to still compensate their customers – and the proposed timescales were staying!

Don’t delay your PPI compensation claim any longer!

The PPI compensation journey shows no sign of slowing but you need to be aware that the banks and lenders are pushing for a PPI deadline. Whilst some banks are supporting this move, others are suggesting that this is not the way forward, fearing an influx of PPI compensation claims that this will not be able to manage within the set time frame – banks must respond to any potential PPI compensation claim within 8 weeks.

How we can help

We are claims management company, specialising in PPI compensation claims and are experienced in helping our customers make successful, genuine claims. To use our service, you simply must be resident in Scotland and hold an account with PPI from any UK bank or lender.

Once we have clarified that you have PPI on your account, we will then ask you a series of questions to gather the information we need to lodge a complaint with your bank or lender. It is the customer’s responsibility to prove they were mis-sold the policy on their account – many customers, for example, did not know they had PPI on their account as it was simply added without their consent.

If you think you have PPI on your accounts, contact PPI Claim Scotland – we can help you make a PPI compensation claim.

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