Scotland PPI Claim

Scotland PPI Claim

PPI Claim Scotland works with clients to reclaim wrongly sold payment protection insurance (ppi).

PPI mis-selling – how MUCH are you owed?

On the face of it, payment protection insurance (PPI) sounds and looks like a good idea...

... you are borrowing a large amount of money to fund the much-needed family car. The old car is becoming unreliable and costing more in breakdown repairs than it is really worth. And so you go to your bank; it is a well-respected high street bank that you have banked with for many, many years. You trust them. As part of your loan, they suggest taking our insurance in case you are unable to make repayment for a variety of reasons. This sounds a good idea and so you take it, not suspecting for a second that as you are self-employed you will not be covered by the policy... and the bank know this.

Sounds incredulous but this is exactly what was happening; spurred on by large profits and welcome commission for sales, banks and lenders sold PPI as an add-on product alongside loans and other products.

Or maybe this happened...

... you don’t need to borrow much, just £5,000 to get the windows upgraded on your house to double-glazing so you are no longer fighting the cold draughts of winter. You’ll pay off some smaller debts too and make yourself more comfortable. There is a hint that if you take out the repayment insurance on the loan, that it will fly through and the money will be in your bank by the end of the week. You sign the dotted line and no more is said.

This happened to many people. The significant exclusions of the policy were not discussed and many customers were given the ‘idea’ that they were more likely to be accepted for the loan if they took out the policy – after all, it shows you are serious about protecting your loan should you be unable to make repayments. But, what the bank or lender failed to tell you was that as a retired couple, you were not eligible to make a claim on the policy.

Internet banking, lenders and credit card providers didn’t get away with it either...

... the car has broken down and it may not cost a fortune to get back on the road, but with the leaking shower and a temperamental oven, you decide a quick loan over a year or two would let you sort these things out quickly. You turn to the Internet and with the use of various comparison websites you find a really good deal from a lender. You sign on the dotted line. The money is in your bank but you are a little surprised when you see the repayment schedule as it is slightly more than you calculated. You shrug your shoulders and pay, unaware until the whole PPI mis-selling thing hits the papers that you have PPI on your loan – where did that come from?!

This was another common mis-selling tactic and was common to internet sales of loans and credit card applications. The small box at the very end of the very small print asking if you wanted to opt out of the repayment insurance was already ticked! This practice has now been stopped and should no longer happen.

No matter how you were mis-sold PPI, contact PPI Claim Scotland to see if you have an eligible claim for PPI compensation on your loan, mortgage, credit card, store card, car finance and many more financial products.


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Million of British citizens have been mis-sold payment protetion insurance (ppi) on loans and credit cards and are eligible to make a claim. If you think you're one of them, contact PPI Claim Scotland today.
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